Leaks & Repipes

For expert pipe leak repairs and repipes you can relay on the quality service you receive from Afford A Rooter. A trusted leaky pipe and repipes plumbing company in thousands of local Denver homes and businesses, you can read more from other happy customers here.

We can handle all of your leak and repipe needs.

Leak Locating and Repair. If have a water leak, our leak locating technology will find the the source of the leak, and then we can provide you with the appropriate leak repair solution.

Water Pressure and Quality. If your home is experiencing low or inconsistent water pressure we can help. If your home is suffering from poor water quality (metallic-tasting or rusty-colored water), we can help. The cause for both may be older pipes that are experiencing corrosion. Afford A Rooter can diagnose your pipes and identify the source of your problems, and offer solutions to solve the problem.

Copper and PEX Repipes. Homes that have experienced corrosion in their galvanized pipes, or other pipe problems, may consider a copper or PEX repiping of all pipes or a portion of the pipes. Our workmanship will improve both water quality and increase the water pressure.

New Water Lines. Afford A Rooter can install new water lines.

Noisy Pipes. Afford A Rooter can solve any problems you may have with pipes banging and shuddering when faucets or appliances are turned on and off. The source of this problem is a shockwave within the pipe as water is being forced to the outlet suddenly stops and the pressure is sent backwards. This noise can be annoying, but worse, it can damage your pipes.

Compliance with Codes. When making a new home purchase or if you are selling your home, it is important to make sure your pipes are in compliance with codes. Afford A Rooter can ensure your home’s pipework is code compliant.

Afford A Rooter offers plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning, sewer line repair and replacement, sewer video inspections, bathroom and basement plumbing remodeling, and pre home purchase sewer line inspections in the Denver metro area. Call today at 720-296-7972 for quality work and affordable plumbing service in Denver! Available 24 hours / 7 days a week in Denver, including plumbing emergencies.


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