Denver Drain Cleaning

Afford A Rooter’s Denver drain cleaning services all the drain throughout your home. From bathrooms to kitchens, we can unclog and restore function for any drain line.

Our draining cleaning professionals have the training, experience, and equipment to provide you with a complete range of drain cleaning service, including:

Bathroom Sink Drains. We will remove toothpaste, soap and grime, and other debris that is causing a slow draining bathroom sink. We can also retrieve any valuable items such as diamond rings, earrings, or other items you may lose in the the drain.

Floor Drains. Drains designed to disperse water and for flooding prevention are found in basements, laundry rooms, garages, patios, driveways and sometimes older bathrooms. Normally they have a trap that when filled with water prevents odors and sewer gas from escaping. Regular drain cleaning is suggested to prevent big clogs.

Kitchen Drains. We can remove the build up of grease, soap and food waste, clearing your kitchen’s drain clogs.

Shower and Bathtub Drains. We will remove soap, hair or other debris that is clogging your showers and bathtubs drains. Water should drain freely when you are showering and quickly after a bath.

Toilet Drains. We will clear your toilet drain of debris causing a clogged toilet. This could include facial tissue, baby wipes or other products that do not disintegrate as toilet paper is designed to. Our plumber can cut through any obstructions and give your toilet drain a thorough cleaning.

Sewer Main Lines. All the drains in a home go to your main sewer line that extends to the street and connects to a city sewer line or septic tank. The most common clogging scenario results from water-seeking roots that break through the sewer line and block the drain.

Afford A Rooter offers plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning, sewer line repair and replacement, sewer video inspections, bathroom and basement plumbing remodeling, and pre home purchase sewer line inspections in the Denver metro area. Call today at 720-296-7972 for quality work and affordable plumbing service in Denver! Available 24 hours / 7 days a week in Denver, including plumbing emergencies.


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